Singles "Flash Back" 1973



ODEON 2C-004-04451   ODEON 2C-004-04452   ODEON 2C-004-04453   ODEON 2C-004-04454
Please Please Me
Ask Me Why
  She Loves You
I'll Get You
  P.S. I Love You
I Want To Hold Your Hand
The Night Before


ODEON 2C-004-04455   ODEON 2C-004-04456   ODEON 2C-004-04457   ODEON 2C-004-04458
I Need You
Dizzy Miss Lizzy
  Help !
I'm Down
  Long Tall Sally
She's A Woman
  Ticket To Ride
Yes It Is


ODEON 2C-004-04459   ODEON 2C-004-04460   ODEON 2C-004-04461   ODEON 2C-004-04462
1973   1973   1973   1973
Eight Days A Week
I'm A Loser
  I Feel Fine
Kansas City
  RocK' n Roll Music
I'll Follow The Sun
  No Reply
Baby' s In Black


ODEON 2C-004-04463   ODEON 2C-004-04464   ODEON 2C-004-04465   ODEON 2C-004-04466
I Should Have Known Better
Tell Me Why
  And I Love Her
If I Fell
  Thank You Girl
All My Loving
  A Hard Day's Night
Things We Said Today


ODEON 2C-004-04467 ODEON 2C-004-04468 ODEON 2C-004-04469   ODEON 2C-004-04470
Can't Buy Me Love
You Can't Do That
  From Me To You
Devil In Her Heart
  Twist And Shout
  We Can Work It Out
Day Tripper


ODEON 2C-004-04471   ODEON 2C-004-04472   ODEON 2C-004-04473   ODEON 2C-004-04474
Run For Your Life
  Paperback Writer
  Yellow Submarine
Eleanor Rigby
  Nowhere Man


ODEON 2C-004-04475
Strawberry Fields Forever
Penny Lane



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